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Jordy Liz {Jordy Liz Blogs}

According to Jordy Liz: I was born and raised in Texas with a love for family, country music, and good food. After graduating college at Texas A&M, I packed up my car and moved to Arizona for a job that was supposed to last five months. I’ll have been in the desert for five years come August. It’s here where I met my husband and, in a whirlwind of a romance, we were married nine months to the day we first exchanged names. We celebrated two years of marriage in March. I spend my days as an event planner and my evenings as a wife, freelance editor, and blogger scattering my thoughts across the screen in the form of words, eager to share and start a conversation.

We’ve asked Jordy a few questions – here’s what she had to say:

What inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging in August 2007 when I moved out here to Arizona from Texas. It was a way to keep several family members and friends in the loop without sending mass emails of updates or pictures. When I received my first comment from a then-stranger, I realized my blog was being read by more than just people I knew in person. It grew exponentially from there, and as of today, I am great friends with my first outside commenter.

What is your favorite post up and running on your blog and why?

My current favorite post is “Life check-ups.” It’s an honest post about the necessities in marriage and relationships, and how we all need to “check” ourselves often. I love when I write a post that is honest, yet hopefully encouraging, and in turn, encourage myself.

What are your favorite blogs to read?

If you saw my Google Reader, you would see there are way too many to list here! A few favorites that tend to inspire my writing are as follows:
– Marriage Confessions: This blog first encouraged me to be open and honest about my marriage as we struggled through our first year. Through the honesty, I received so much encouragement and feedback and learned we weren’t the only ones who had a rocky start.
– Sarah Markley: Sarah encourages me in my writing with her honesty and style.
– I Heart Organizing: I am quite the lover of organization, and this blog is so inspiring with tips and ideas.

What is your favorite part about blogging?

I love the community I have been able to reach out to and learn from. I have met so many wonderful people both locally and nationally. I remember when my husband had a quick stint at the hospital last year, one of the first people to reach out to me was actually a reader of mine. It is amazing how bridges can be built over blogs alone.

What is your best tip for other bloggers?

Be honest, but respectful. I read others’ blogs because I can learn from them and not feel alone. I know certain readers who read my blog because they know I won’t fluff things up. There’s a fine line between honesty and respect, and once you find it, you become so real and relatable.

Do you have a personal mantra that you live by?

“Twenty-four hours.” I am a chronic worrier and avid planner, so I try to make myself live within the next twenty-four hours only.

How long have you lived in Arizona?

I’ll have been in Arizona for five years as of August. I originally planned on only being here for five months!

In your opinion, what is Arizona’s best kept secret?

While it isn’t a secret to those who live here, the weather really is ideal. Sans June, July and August, we get very spoiled with the constant sunshine and lack of rain. Coming from Texas, rain is a daily happening and something you just come to expect. Here? It’s a news story!

Want to know more?  Here is where you can find her on the web:

Blog: http://www.jordylizblogs.com 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jordylizblogs

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jordyliz

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/jordyliz

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